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You can simply send us the completed form by post. If you need advice, simply bring the completed membership application form with you to the consultation. Unfortunately, online membership is not possible, as a legally binding signature is required.
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Please note:

  • If you are not the main tenant of the apartment, please ask the MhM headquarters which person should the membership go to.
  • Litigation cost protection is usually only useful for main tenants. Co-tenants are insured as part of the process cost protection insurance through a small increase fee.
  • Advice and litigation cost protection always relate to the apartment rented and occupied by the member himself at the member address reported to MhM.
  • All co-tenants can get advice on the joint tenancy by presenting their membership card and the rental agreement.
  • The membership fee is due in advance.

Please do not change the print format of the membership application form. Please keep the given size. This will make the work of the membership administration easier.

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